Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When Mars Puts Down His Sword and Shield & Puts on an Apron to Just Get It Done

My intuition told me we New Yorkers would have a mild winter.  It  has come to pass and there's not much left to the season now that we are in early February.  The buds are out and birds are singing louder than ever.  Never mind the birds, the Mars in Virgo retrograde although only just started is chugging on to it's conclusion on April 13th a long way off but the days will fly by.  During which time, it's time for clerical work, spring cleaning and other less than creative and fun things to do on hand for many of us, myself included.  I know this to be the case but, I hesitate to action on the clerical stuff in particular.  It's necessary but so boring, going back through the past, stacks of papers of all kinds, notes, letters, cards, reminders and on and on. It has to be done and this would be the best time to get on with it. I say this to you as I remind myself that more importantly, with the Mars in Virgo (sign of clerks and clerical work), this is the best time to clean up and discard junk.  Same as every year only this year, 2012, six months is a particularly long period of time. 

(On but off the topic a bit here, the Mars in Virgo transit bespeaks a certain action in the employment sector, while retrograde the action is slowed but after April 14, we will probably see an upswing in the numbers of new jobs created and that's where Mars will really be showing well.)

The retrograde (slow down) will pass and Mars will be off to more interesting, perhaps even exciting times when Mars enters Libra soon afterwards.  I know.  It sounds sexy, love rekindles itself and nature explodes in springtime, followed by early July transition from one sector of work (Virgo) to the following sector of play/art (Libra).  Mars in Libra this year and the mating season, albeit a delayed one for beast and man alike - by that time (July 3rd) the buds of spring will have long situated themselves in our lives and gardens.

What I am saying and this is out of context in a sense because it has to do with astrology and I have another blog for that.  But, I have to complain (forgive me but another Virgo attribute) to someone and at the same time, warn my readership about what may be in store for them and, how they might also make the best use of this time period. 

There is a much more serious aspect to this transit and that is one of surgery. Virgo is the sign of critical  health and Mars isn't holding that scalpel for nothing, if surgery is in the cards for you, do your very best to postpone any surgery until after the retrograde period is officially past which would be mid April.  May or any time afterwards would be far better than this current time period! 

The Mars in Virgo transit is overall six months which is a long time, make it work for you.  Get some chores and boring clerical and housework done because by the time your finished, some fun times will be at hand and you can rest assured you deserve it.

The best is yet to come!