Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Time To Chat," Said the Cat in the Hat

It looks as though photography has taken over my opinion and commentary blogspot!  Isn't it high time I posted some commentary, some gossip or advice, some literary content of some kind? 

As it is, when I'm out walking my dog, parading the neighborhood, all sorts of things occur to me to write but by the time I'm back at the crib, I've forgotten what occurred to me.  I need a voice recorder. Talking to myself doesn't help either, I've tried that but my mind wanders. 

Life has so many distractions and as the days go by and more opportunities and temptings are dangled (art openings/art parties, warmer weather and other opportunities to get busy with something new) before me in one form or fashion.

I have a new portfolio and items for purchase online that I would like to mention now.  I am now also located at Fine Art America, a wonderful merchandising venue for artists.

I've embedded (sounds sexy but it's not really) the PayPal payment button on my three photography blogspots here on Blogger.  It was easy enough to put that together and now, I hope you'll purchase something!  I hope this doesn't sound like so much shameless self promotion but, you'll be glad you bought something for your home or office that reflects a bit of the leading edge in special effects photography.  I just know it.  :)

But I'm back to promotions and art photography, I want to suggest that when you visit today or the next time you stop by, please leave a comment and consider joining my group as a friendly follower.  If it's one of the two, just leave a comment or criticism regarding what you see.  I'd love your  feedback.  It's easy to do and something that can be done quickly enough.  The best part of it is that it's free to do!

Remember that the art or photography you purchase today could compliment your man cave so something having to do with sports or action on the playing field would fit in nicely. 

My ongoing soccer series underway for some time now highlights the anonymity and beauty of local soccer players who from my viewpoint look like living, moving flowers that scramble for their beloved soccer ball on astro turf that grounds them even as they race around chasing that ball to reach their goal. 

I am an abstract person so the game itself is not the most interesting aspect of being in the park.  I don't know the rules.  I do know the beauty of these athletes who kick and bounce the soccer ball off every part of their bodies and slam right up against each other without injury from what I can see, screeching something all the while in a Jamaican lingo (from what I have been told by one of the players). 

Men as brothers.  Men in fellowship.  Men who share a closeness that is a sporting form of unity.  I enjoy the game from that viewpoint with a camera that can appreciate the players nearby and closeup or at a distance where their size is overshadowed by the immensity of the playing field and buildings nearby. 

The soccer players are beautiful and it is my business and privilege to make them more beautiful still when I am in a position to do so, later when I am at home at my computer making them sparkle all the more beautifully.