Information for my Friends, Collectors & All Other Visitors

Friends, visitors and collectors with interest in my art photography and literary content, a note of request that you please leave a message regarding any work that you see here at J'adore or elsewhere on the other special effects blogs, Joyce Dade Photography and Jade-Mixed. 

I would love it of course if you would also add me as a follow on the tab located to your right and I hope that sounds like a reminder as it should be. 

I also want to remind visitors that I can be reached on Twitter and Facebook as well.  My twitter tweets are private but, please send a request and I will contact you immediately that I have received your request.  I don't think that celebs with hundreds of thousands of followers really go through their followers.  I am sure they don't but, I want to be able to have a closer relationship with my friends on Twitter and here on J'adore so please, let me know who you are and what you think about the photographics and or commentary I have made.  I would love to know what you think and follow up with you in conversation if possible so don't hesitate:  Please post a comment

As you may know from other commentary I have posted here or elsewhere, I am in the process of developing collectors for my fine art photography and oil paintings. 

I am an independent artist and it falls on me to do the research, make the contacts and promote my work without shame online and in my blogs as well as across the blogosphere. 

If you see what you like, contact me and purchase a print for your home or office.  A woman can't live by art photography alone can she?   

I would love for you to be a collector of my photography.  I will be securing a PayPal or other shopping vehicle for my other photography sites in the upcoming days but, in the meantime, you can contact me regarding sizes and pricing if you are interested in a purchase. 

Every image here is available of course and what you see here is low resolution for a variety of reasons and small in size.  Special effects look wonderful in full size.  It is distinctive art photography. 

My note of love and reminder? 

A.  Drop me a line. 
     Write a commentary. 
B.  See what you like?
C.  Contact me and order a copy. 

The reason for my "private" tweets is primarily because that reduces the content that I will need to go through and limiting my followers, organizations (and trends) will take less time on a daily basis and not because I don't like this one or that one who would like to follow me. It's just simply easier for me to do the research and introduce myself without being completely overwhelmed by a large number of followers.