Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alternate View of a Summer Beach Scene, Coney Island, Joyce Dade (c) 2010

For those of you who have been looking forward to the summer, it's almost that time, trips to the beach will be forthcoming.  For this home town gal, the beach at Coney Island is perhaps the greatest part of summer.  It's a photographer's wonderland. 

Last year, I had difficulties with some lifeguards who assured me I could not take any pictures of their bench or of them.  No problem but, they were a little rude and also conceited to think I'd be doing that in the first place. 

I hope this summer goes well and as far as the photography goes, that everyone can just ignore me and do what they do when they splash in the water or walk along the shoreline.  As it is, I try my best to be discrete but I am there to capture what I can and bring it home with me like so many cupie dolls. 

Juxtaposition: Antonio & Game Players, Kaleidescope and Blur Special Effects respectively, Joyce Dade (c) 2010

Summer, Beautiful Summer Night, Oil Painting circa 2001 (c) Joyce Dade

One of my favorite atomic abstraction paintings, "Summer, Beautiful Summer Night." This work appeared in Danny Simmon's, Corridor Gallery and was part of Project Diversity a rather extensive borough wide umbrella of exhibitions that was at the time supported by, Mayor Bloomberg.  Because it is so intensely colorful and bright I thought I would submit it here at, Jadore, for your viewing pleasure.