Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Think You'll Love This From The Art Newspaper Via Saatchi Debate

The Saatchi people just made my day with this fascinating article published on The Art Newspaper.  A recent debate on trends in the art world including some quotes such as the following that gave me my first real laugh of the day:  

"Find me one curator at the Tate who thinks Hirst's art matters and is meaningful," proclaimed Lewis (making chair Tim Marlow, director of exhibitions at White Cube - Hirst's dealer - a little jittery).

Yes, I adore you but all is not Le Vie en Rose

With the world and the world's oceans trending the way they have been for a long time and for other reasons that involve movements and trends outside of human control, we are in for some very problematic times and this according to a recent, Huffington Post article.  The world's oceans have been distressed and changes will affect us all in the times to come. 

I am posting it here for your consideration.  Notice of this trend relates to directly to the Neptune in Pisces trend which is underway now and for many years to come.  (For those interested, please visit my astrology analysis blog,