Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Here & The Time is Right

It's on again and after all this time, summer again! 

Stopping by just now to say hello and to mention to you that, I will be publishing a hybrid-memoir this summer. 

I want you to know about it in advance and, of course, you will be the first to know when it drops, probably on Amazon Kindle all things considered. 

If you are interested in what makes me tick-tock, you can find out in more detail than I can elaborate on this Blog or elsewhere and at an affordable price so, when the time is right be my little baby and pick up on my publications when they publish on Amazon.  

My art photography must take a back seat for a while to my writing but, summer is only just started.  I'll be down on the beach, Coney Island, land of my birth in a twinkling and with my Japanese friend, Mr. Fuji, Sr. where will shoot the light, trip the light fandango there with subsequent postings here on Jadore and my other Blog:

Now you know what they say, don't you?  Be there or be squared as in cubed by energy to the second power of mass or whatever Einstein's equation condenses to. 

I must return now to those golden days of yesteryear, I mean to eating some hotdogs with my pitbull.   I will return soon perhaps when the full moon is bright like Zorro. 

By all means, please do pop by again soon.

Have a wonderful summer and get down to the beach!