Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Gautama Buddha

Here we are again at the new moon in Taurus.  The beautiful black moon of prosperity and springtime is taking place now and with that much said, Happy Earth Day to all!
A special time for all of us here, who are earth bound as the blessings from on high pour down on us all, we are all blessed.

Years ago, I read somewhere that the Buddha was born on the new moon in Taurus and if that is true, this would be his birthday weekend and so, happy birthday to the Buddha who left us with so much after receiving his Enlightenment. We are grateful for the wisdom and the guidance you gave us so long ago that remains with us through the many years of your passing.

Thank you, Gautama Buddha and again, happy birthday.

Georgie, Coney Island, Photographic, Joyce Dade (c) 2010