Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Woman Cannot Live By Twitter & Facebook Alone

It is so true that a woman cannot live by words alone.  For this woman, there needs to be photography and songs and friendships and love.  As it is, Twitter and Facebook and other social media take up up so much time, I find I have to discipline myself to not overspend time and it is difficult.  I love my friends.  Facebook friends share so much, the pleasures of the past, music and literature and all the wonderful things they offer up like gifts every day.  It's difficult but a woman must pull herself away from overdoing it with the "gifts" of Twitter and Facebook.  The party has to end some time or other and with springtime here, it looks like it will have to be now. 

Dare I mention spring cleaning?  I don't want to mention it.  I don't want to think about it but it must get done by no one other than me.  So as it is, it's goodbye to social media and my beloved friends there for the duration until I can get something meaningful done.  I'm not whining, just saying. 

How many projects can one person handle?  I don't know know the exact number but I know one thing; I'm pushing the boundaries for myself as much as possible to make up for lost time (which can't be made up for) and to just get it done.  But "just get it done" is not on the creative tip now it's on the mundane so, I declare with this statement that a woman cannot live by the joy and pleasures of social media alone.  Spring cleaning must be done!  I go to it reluctantly you can be sure of that but go to it I must because I can't hire someone else to do it otherwise, I would. :((

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