Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Gorgon's Riddle Updated and Remixed

And what exactly is the Gorgon's Riddle that has endured the sands of time and is that which takes us to this present day? 

The Gorgon (one of the ones who incidentally did not lose its head) gave a riddle for those who wished to seek safe passage and to avoid instant petrification upon sight.  The riddle was and remains the following:

"When exactly is a man most like a beautiful flower? 

The correct answer which allowed for safe passage and denies instant petrification was and remains the following simple and direct answer.

"Man is perhaps most like a beautiful flower when he plays soccer with his fellows (who include children and young women) in springtime.

Dear reader, you now have the answer to an ancient riddle that will allow you to travel far and wide in safety and humility. 

Under the most beautiful conditions (and actual pre-conditions) of fellowship with others, man may perhaps remember that he has become as if a flower playing on the astroturf in springtime. 

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