Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sailing to Byzantium

Sailing now, I have just launched an art photography project I have been working on for the past year.  Some exciting research was involved but now, it is out of my hands and in the world at large. 

I might have spent more time on it in preparation and one never knows how much time should or shouldn't go into a project before launching, at least I don't because, when you're an indi, independent representing yourself, there is a sense of a weird out of timelessness.  There are those times when the time and energy involved seems to be overwhelming but at one point - you just have to send your boat sailing and with hopes that it reaches the shoreline and is well received.  

One just has to send the gift forward so it goes out, Sailing to Byzantium. 

Wish I had some assistants to help me with promotional launches.  I like this and that photographic but don't know if out of the tens of thousands which ones, from which projects, and which categories should be presented?  An assistant might really be of help there, someone to reality check with during project development. 

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