Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Ultimately Mixed", a Memoir

I am working on a hybrid, cross-genre memoir that combines essays, art criticism, personal memoir and other ruminations that should be of interest to readers in viewpoint on existential questions and the art work from an outsider perspective.

Ultimately Mixed,

A Memoir with Self Analysis & Musings of an Afro-Euro, Italo & Daoist Han Chinese Abstractionist

I believe that Miller is a young performer who will continue to prove and improve himself at the transcendent level pushing his voice and cross-genre vocalisms in the years to come. I sense we have a not only a great deal to look forward to from Matisyahu Miller but, a great many wonderful surprises in terms of his contributions.

The caliber of these two huge talents, Hendrix and now, Matisyahu, serves as a role model to me and my creative efforts as a fine artist and special effects photographer. These vocalists exemplify for me, the finest, the artistically bravest and most daring artists whose vocals create something new and hybrid which is uniquely beautiful and of a very high (musical) standard.

The themes of love, freedom and faith that Matisyahu sings of go beyond the commonplace sentiment of so much of American popular music including some forms of Rap music for example. With a lot of Rap musicians we get the material world alright but, it's ultimately boring. We hear the same staccato, drumming over and over. We hear the same "shower" lyrics. Worldly interests that rappers sing about are limited to childish ramblings such as, showering girls with Champagne in the VIP room at clubs and how nice it is to have so much money. Lyrics which are ultimately empty and meaningless, one simply can't get much mileage out of those kind of lyrics or value for that matter.  Young or old, it dumbs us down.

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