Thursday, February 24, 2011

Multiple Blogs

I am adding an astrology blog and a blog to cover health and nutrition information that is cutting edge as the research emerges.  It will be a lot to keep up with but I expect to contribute to each site at the least twice weekly. 

I want to keep Jadore concerned with philosophical musings and other things that are from me to you on the personal side and the other sites will be specific to astrology trends and health, nutrition and cutting edge supplements that will keep my friends and readers informed and aware of the leading edge substances that promote health and long life.

I am juggling the creation of these blogs with the underpinnings of transferring them to the Beta, Amazon Kindle which is by subscription.  

Freebies are wonderful, don't I know it but I am interested in seeing whether I can monetize these blogs and in preparation for a possible book publication. 

Things are up in the air at the moment but should be better grounded certainly before springtime rolls around. 

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