Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do I Love Learning How to Blog?

Will there or will there not be something extra, something time consuming, something that requires submitting my blogs to search engines? 

The answer to that remains to be seen but one thing is for certain, I will have more researching online and more reading to do over the weekend and in the coming weeks.  

I suppose not being able to afford to hire an assistant to handle blog construction and other such time consuming details will be up to me and, I'm no geek bur for example.  I have to embed some links but how? 

I'll just mention here that, I sent an article to  The New York Times recently and although they rejected it, they sent a nice reject email.  I have submitted before to the Times but never the nice reject email so maybe my writing has improved?  It won't be the last they hear from me, I'd love to publish with them.  Be that as it may, an independent's work never seems to get done including in cyberspace. 

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