Thursday, March 24, 2011

If I Didn't Adore You Would I .... ?

I think it's time to share a story and I will ask myself and you the following, would I share this story with you I didn't love you? 

Years ago when I was a kid, a good friend of mine from Tai Chi class who happened to have a relatively high level job with the government gave me some museum passes to the Metropolitan Museum of Art because she couldn't attend.  She knew I was an artist and that I could and would use the tickets. 

What I didn't know was that the event would be so high profile.  I just wasn't thinking properly or maybe, I wasn't thinking at all?  Because when the day came to attend the night preview:  I was so rudely surprised to see a photographer snap into position to take my picture just as I walked in the entrance way.  And just at the entrance way, standing there at the door was none other than our Mayor at the time, Mayor Koch!  I loved Mayor Koch and voted for him too and all of this would have been thrilling in a nice way had I not been wearing sneakers

I was so embarrassed my face turned red as I shook hands with the Mayor and, as I shook hands with the Mayor - a quickly snapped photograph was taken by that photographer I noticed out of the corner of my eye!  My sneakers may or may not have been included in that photo, the photographer was somewhat at a distance but, that did not change the fact that I was wearing them!

I was so embarrassed the remainder of my time at the night preview (Pablo Picasso, or some such important exhibition that was being previewed), my face stayed red. 

I can see myself now, standing in front of one masterpiece or another with a red face glowing, glad to be out of the sight for the moment at least and apologizing to the person I had with me who happened to be a family member for not knowing or realizing that the event would be so high profile!  Had I know, sneakers would not have been in the picture.  :)

Yes, the rest of the night was a blur to me.  I suppose it goes without saying that although there were cocktails to be had at the reception, we were not having any and did not have any.  We left as quickly as possible.  

Now you know that I adore you if I'm willing to share that kind of story with you. 

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