Friday, April 15, 2011

The Early Bird Gets It Done Sooner!

With springtime here now there is no excuse, I have to remind myself of that (the earlier I rise the more to life there is to accomplish, it's just that simple). 

The blogging, twittering life, photography opportunities (not to mention spring cleaning that continues to be pushed to the back burner because of the aforementioned here) and perhaps shameless self promotion must be done by the blogger, artist, photographer and or housekeeper, in my case, singlehandedly.  Cinderella or no Cinderella, just get it done.  No excuses now Joyce, you must get it done. 

As it is, I wanted to see the Gagosian Gallery, Marie Therese exhibition that promises to be overwhelming, I am sure.  Why can't I go today as I had planned?  There's too much to do and the weather is awful.  Am I making excuses?  I'm being partly honest and partly, I'm making excuses.  I will be seeing this exhibition come hell or high water but, it will probably have to wait until next week. 

I'm sure Senor Picasso will have to wait although, I don't want to wait.  I'd love to hop the train and get up there but, tomorrow I will be time tripping down to Coney Island for the photo opportunity there with the open of, Luna Park!

Yes, Luna Park opens tomorrow and with it the Cyclone ride for the season.  There will be events to mark the opening and I just can't miss it, not even for Picasso (I guess).  I hate to be that frank about it but there it is.  I only hope it's not packed to the gills whenever I am able to get it together to visit the Gagosian gallery.  :)

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