Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Guys: Picasso and Braque

I am somewhat of a retro gal.  I love the art movements of a century ago.  The ones that lasted for a few years only, Cubism and Futurism but, the ones that have made such an enormous impact on the world of the following hundred years and beyond.  When I think of it as I do now, those are the only two art movements that I love at all, the rest is in a way passe.  Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque - now those guys were authentic bona fide genius visionaries.  We haven't really seen the likes of them since then from my view point although there are others from their time period that I also adore.

I found this along the way today and only hope I get a chance to see this show.  Will it travel to my part of the world?  Bob Duggan has written a rather cool article and although, I am not sure if I will be able to see the show, if it will be traveling to the New York City area but my guys are together at the Kimbell Art Museum, how very cool is that? 

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