Thursday, July 21, 2011

End of the Hiatus

Yes, two weeks have gone by and I am here again to update, resize and reconfigure the J'adore site after what seemed like an endless hiatus.  The vacation vibe is still on but I am still thinking of my visitors, my creative production continues and my summer series of work is moving along nicely. 

I have posted some additional images elsewhere at my other art blog so please do visit or revisit to see how beautiful our local New York City area beach looks this time of year. 

Coney Island is breathtaking.  The water for the moment is clean and warm from first entry.  The beach has accumulated debris but not as much as in former years and, we beachcombers can do a bit of community service. 

Pick up a few plastic bottles or containers along the way and, it's all for the better. 

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