Thursday, July 21, 2011

Georges Braque's Long Awaited NYC Retrospective

Dear Visitor,

I hope by now you know I love you and just to prove to you that I do; I am going to drop this link on you. 

If you are a (huge) fan of Georges Braque as I am, the Aguavella Gallery right here in Nueva York will be exhibiting his paintings in a major retrospective this October!  This wonderful news came to be via Twitter and published first in the Observer.  The best thing is this early heads up. 

How long have I loved the work of Georges Braque?  Let's just say it's been many years since I was an undergraduate studying the fine arts and first came to know of Braque and his friendship with Pablo Picasso. 

I'm thrilled that I in the New York City and will have this opportunity, am I ever looking forward to seeing this show. 

Thank you, Observer and thank you, Andrew Russeth!

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