Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kevin Trudeau, Elite Humanitarian

Beloved friends and visitors, I've been away on vacation for quite a while, I realize that and request your forgiveness.  :)  Yes, I have been busy with any number of projects and the art hustle continues however; I am back today for a shout out of love to you and to, Kevin Trudeau. 

Kevin Trudeau has a great radio program, writes books on health, success and as young as he is - he has won my respect, admiration and love.  I recommend his YouTube programs to you and have posted his website here on, J'adore.  Please do not hesitate to listen in to his shows, watch his infomercials and learn about this man who is such a great humanitarian.

For those who like with Oprah, enjoy contests and give aways, Kevin Trudeau has presented the opportunity to win a car and or win $500 (for posting a comment).  Sound enticing? 

I have posted a quick way to visit his website to the right on my site. 

I'm proud to be a friend of Kevin Trudeau and to welcome you to become acquainted with him, his ideas, his vision and the wonderful sponsors who support his daily radio programs. 

You must know, I say this because I love you and want the best for you.  Kevin Trudeau is the best there is.  He is authentic, noble, brave, courageous, easy on the eye, generous. and very cool  What's not to love?  Check him out, you will be glad you did. 

I love you, Kevin Trudeau!

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