Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Display of Mackerel, Mark Doty

Getting my party started this morning, I came across a beautiful poem about mackerel fish.  "A Display of Mackerel," by Mark Doty. 

I feel somewhat guilty now.  I feed my dog mackerel so he'll be healthier but, it almost made me cry to read exactly how Mark Doty sees those everyday fish.  This beautiful poem floats over to me, just as we enter the sign of the fish, Pisces so it has special meaning and like the fish, I will try my best to go with the flow more in tune with the symmetry of the fish whose world we share with them. 

I want to include a link to his poem here so you can see exactly what I mean.  It is heartbreaking in a way and I was unable to finish reading it because for one thing, I don't want to start the day off crying but I will read it soon.

All of this reminds me that I should write about astrology trends and although I have no idea if one person or 21 people will be reading my blog among a million blogs, for those who make it here, these posts are for you including astrology trends analysis which is a what I do aside from art photography. 

We are in sign of Pisces now and one of our largest planets, Uranus, still remains in the final degrees of the sign as it prepares to omega-alpha soon and enter badass, Aries, the Ram. 

When this happens, Uranus will have gone omega-alpha, from the last sign of the zodiac to the first sign of the zodiac and enter the earliest degrees of Aries.  Aries, is the sign of war and, we will see significant global as well of personal changes that we will have to weather in the best way possible. 

It may or may not be possible for the global level to avoid additional war or escalations of war.  Aries is the primary war sign and a sign that will strike first and with great force as witness, the battering Ram it is associated with. 

Jupiter is a blessed influence however, Uranus is radical, explosive and unpredictable so all bets are off with the transit of Uranus this summer when it enters Aries.  More on this later.

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