Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today: Sun in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio

Yes, it is true - I adore you.  I am the kind of person who, if I like you I love you.  I cannot say the same for my enemies.  If it could only be different, I suppose I'd be a true Christian but I am not. I hate my enemies to put it mildly.  I see no reason to have them although, that's a naive statement right there.  We are living in a world of some pretty wicked critters and it may not be possible to live a life of any duration and not have a few enemies that bring out the worse.  Be that as it may, I love my friends and I am not afraid to say it and so:  Kisses to you dear friend. 

"Slow down your brain, pare down your pantry and pull down your panties."  My poem for the day and I am feeling particularly Piscean now that I've read the most beautiful poetry in the world today.  My haiku about is a combination of snips from the emails I received just now, the final part about the panties is my contribution and it rhymes so nicely.  I realize it's fresh but I think we're still with the moon in Scorpio so sex is part of the mix too.  Pisces sun and Scorpio moon, I believe that's the solar/lunar configuration of Dame Liz Taylor.  God bless you, Liz Taylor, get well soon.  Yes, I was correct.  The link below illustrates that we are under the Scorpio moon.  Sexy, sexy, now but watch out.  I'll spare you the health warning I read on the web yesterday and not going detail except to suggest (unsuggestively) that you choose your partners wisely because some serious, not nice germs are out there. 

We 23 10:10:09 04PI01 08SC41 02PI03 21CP38 29AQ58 06AR24 16LI34 29PI04 28AQ36 06CP59 29SG30

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