Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Am in Love, However, I am Guilty

Yes, I am in love but a confession now.  I admit I lifted Mark Doty's poem.  I hope I am not doing anything illegal or unethical.  I have Mark Doty's sad but luminous and beautiful poem here for your reading pleasure. 

Because I am very involved in special effects, you can visit my other blogspots and see there, samples of my special effects photography there. 

I am intoHaze, blur, fuzz, metallics, lace, opalescence and luminosity, all the elements of a transcendent illustration of beauty interest me as an artist and art photographer.  Mark Doty's poem transposes this (the visual elements in my case) through language, through poetry. 

I am grateful for this gift today. It is a gift of the time of poetry, the time of Pisces that we are in now for the next month.

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